• Scandinavian Theme Menu 25/7/14

    THEME NIGHT FOR JULY IS SCANDANAVIAN Fri 25th- Tables available between 18:00-19:30 arrival times

    Recently food trends agency the @FoodPeople tipped Scandinavian food as the “hottest UK culinary trend of 2011″. Scandinavian food is not just plain old fish. It’s a wide variety of fish and meats, like pork and poultry, as well as beets, potatoes, cucumbers, broiled, baked, and smoked apples, and much more food. Just like Scandinavian design, the Scandinavian cuisine sticks to basics..You have the hearty dishes, like meatballs which are comfort foods that people really enjoy. But the other strand is food with a real attention to detail, things that you eat with your eyes. Danish open sandwiches for example or the smorgasbord, which is a platter of different dishes. see further for our menu.. Read more »

  • Cast Your Vote in Cornwall Life Food & Drink Awards

    This year’s voting has opened for the Cornwall Life Food and Drink Awards. We were a close contender last year as a runner-up in the Sunday Roast Category.

    It would be a marvellous 5th year anniversary present if we could be a Finalist this year. So not much pressure at all but we’d appreciate your time in clicking the link to place your vote for us. We shall also have paper versions of the voting form to fill in on a visit to us.


    If you think we could be a contender in any other categories feel free to add us as a nominee there too.

    Thanks for your time and assistance in this quest