Our Ethos

Our selection of suppliers to The Waymarker concentrates on those who are local and environment aware. This choice reduces the food miles from source to plate with our team being ready to answer any queries on products. We have the advantage of beef and lamb being used from the fields of my father’s farm which surround these premises, so tasty products couldn’t get any closer. This “choose local” policy in turn benefits local economy by sustaining job opportunities and can return to reward businesses by improving the living wage of the population. We also believe in supporting our community through social events and fundraisers to improve or maintain facilities or services important to a balanced neighbourhood.

cornwall wildlife trust business member

We became a Cornwall Wildlife Trust Business Member in spring 2015 and we hope to develop the nature trails surrounding our restaurant with the help of wildlife trust surveys of the flora and fauna. Supporting such a charity helps to maintain the local ecosystem, which is so important to the food & farming economy and in turn it is this cycle of nature, growth & harvest which is crucial to any restauranteur. This outlook is exemplified by participation in the “Good Seafood Guide” scheme by Cornwall Wildlife Trust, members of which commit to using locally landed and sustainable capture methodologies. This should reduce the impact on varieties that are low in population and need to be protected for future.cornwall seafood guide logo

We provide a venue to sit and enjoy a lovely wild part of the countryside that otherwise people might not stop and take in. Our tree enclosed aspect somehow seems to have a comforting and relaxing effect.

The Waymarker’s rurality provides wild areas that encourage a variety of insect and birdlife that many you can enjoy watching from the restaurant. We have got sets of binoculars available and welcome any request to get a closer look at what birdlife is flitting between our trees & our bird feeders hanging from our decorative well.