Sustainability at The Waymarker

At The Waymarker, we are fully committed to operating in a sustainable way. We source our produce as locally as possible and aim for high welfare and sustainability standards. We strive to reduce our environmental impact and always endeavour to fulfil our social responsibilities all with the achievement of provision of healthy and sustainable food to our customers. Similarly, we believe it is our responsibility to encourage our suppliers and contractors to minimise any negative environmental and social effects associated with the products and services they provide.

Our Aims

Our aim is to continually increase our commitment to sustainability and communicate to our staff, customers and suppliers our commitment to sustainable food, minimising environmental impact and increasing social engagement.

To allow us to meet our aims we try to provide tasty and appealing food that is nutritious and contributes to a healthy diet. We aim to raise staff, customers and supplier awareness of the environmental and social benefits effects of a sustainable diet, via promotion, product information and awareness raising activities. We aim to constantly monitor our energy and waste policies and seek to limit our environmental impact. We support the communities we engage with, including customers, employees, the local community and the institutions that support them. We examine this Sustainable Policy annually, amend targets and communicate findings (including progress and gaps) to staff, customers and suppliers and compile annual targets in order to monitor progress.


Local & Seasonal

We use our specials boards to reflect food that is in season. We continue to source as much local produce as possible – ideally within a 50 mile radius, or within Cornwall and Devon (at least the SouthWest of England!). Our beef and lamb is all locally sourced if not even homebred; whilst our fish is either straight from the English Channel. We have never served tuna, ostrich or any other ‘exotic’ imports.

However, we can’t source everything locally and recognise the need to import wine, coffee, chocolate as well as some fruit and vegetables. We will also items from elsewhere if we think they’re better than their British counterparts.

Sustainable Fish

All the fish served at The Waymarker is either straight from the Helford River or from surrounding sea. We have assessed all the fish and seafood on our menu according to the “Good Seafood Guide” by Cornwall wildlife trust and have implemented a Sustainable Fish Sourcing Policy agreed with our fish supplier. Otherwise, we have never served tuna or other exotic species from half way around the world. This year we took our staff engage with the plans to launch of the “Good Seafood Guide” to actively engage them seafood sustainability.


We serve Olfactory Coffee who pride themselves on keeping their coffee as seasonally relevant and fresh as possible, by shipping coffee from all around the globe at different times in the year and change the coffee offering regularly.


Supply Chain

The Waymarker has a system for packaging take-back and reuse with at least 80% of our suppliers. For example, our wine suppliers take back all their packaging. We help our suppliers make their deliveries more sustainable by ensuring they only deliver as infrequently as possible and encouraging use of ‘green’ transport.

Energy Efficiency

We accurately assess our energy use, by measuring our consumption every month. We have completed an audit of our lighting and have switched to low-energy bulbs and LED’s where possible. We have adopted a strict ‘switch the light/hob/appliance off’ policy and regularly run staff training sessions on energy efficiency and staff practices to reduce energy consumption.

Our building has wiring in place for the future when we hope to switch to a renewable energy / green energy tariff; fit electricity or gas submeters to monitor kitchen energy use and set targets for reduction; develop a Climate Change Strategy and accurately measure and reduce our carbon footprint.

Water Saving

We always offer tap water to our guests as well as bottled mineral water which we source from the UK- coastal spring brand we choose raises funds for the coastguard.

We will review water use and commit to reducing water consumption and conduct staff training on efficient water use practices.

Waste Management

We separate our plastics & glass for recycling and food waste for wildlife feeding station at our farm buildings. Most of our packaging is collected by its respective supplier.

Workplace Resources

We have a commitment to buying recycled or FSC certified paper and paper products. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products which arrive as very high concentrates to minimise transport costs. We actively recycle our ink cartridges and reduce paper-based post by opting for paperless billing.


Healthy Eating

At  The Waymarker, we always accommodate food allergies and offer vegetarian / vegan options and promote these options on our menus. We also ensure all front of house staff receive training regarding serving of alcohol and our liquor licence. Lighter options of mayonnaise or spread are available upon request.

Community Engagement

By holding charity events we help local community projects too. The first was in aid of Truro Cathedral’s Save our Spire with a Poetry, Pavlova & Punch evening. The second was a BBQ for the K9 Crusaders a dog charity near Bissoe. The third was for the Constantine Jubilee Committee by holding craft market and 1950’s themed evening menu, with employees wearing fancy dress. Funds were donated for a community landmark in the Constantine symbolizing the granite industry as well as the towards the recently completed jubilee play park. Our 2014/5 fundraising included events to assist the purchase of a cardiac unit for the community to use when the surgery is out-of-hours, as well as participation in the 1st National Cream Tea Day to generate a £200 donation to Macmillan Cornwall branch.

Treating Staff Fairly

We ensure our tipping policy is clear and transparent and understood by staff, and is available to our customers. Our tipping policy stipulates that 100% of tips go to the staff who have a fair split distribution across each shift worked. The Waymarker pays for the credit card commission and accountancy costs of the tips process.

We also offer additional staff benefits such as participation in staff development training and mentoring. We encourage staff feedback with management support for positive change of staff conditions.

Responsible Marketing

We raise customer awareness about our approach to sustainability and our sustainable food options through our website, our e-newsletters and general printed material, and include a system for customer feedback through online review sites. We publicise sustainable transport options so diners can reach our restaurant through public transport, walking and cycling. We try to educate our customers on sustainability issues through our Food Producers website links page and tabletop ethos statement within the restaurant.