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February Food Days

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This weekend will see two traditional English culinary institutions celebrate their national food day. So which would you choose classic carrot cake or a Yorkshire pudding?
This Saturday 3rd February is carrot cake day, 7Carrot cake deluxe by the Waymarker
which in a 2017 poll was voted most popular cake in the South-west Region. This global cake phenomenon most likely originates from a mediaeval “carrot pudding” recipe and was rejuvenated during the war rationing. When sugars were unavailable or restricted then vegetables were encouraged to be used in cakes. At The Waymarker we have received at least one TripAdvisor review dedicated solely to one woman’s enjoyment of our carrot cake, which cannot compete with a famous Manhattan tavern whose “carrot tea cake” was favoured by President George Washington. We describe our Carrot Cake as deluxe due to it containing much more than just carrots, best to pop by to try a slice to identify all the special ingredients.
This Sunday 4th February is British Yorkshire pudding day. Yorkshire pudding day 2018Over 86% of British households enjoy a Yorkshire Pudding with a roast dinner. A 2007 survey of 3,500 food lovers conducted by named Yorkshire Puddings as the UK’s third most important contribution to world cuisine. The Waymarker’s weekly Sunday roast always features tasty homemade Yorkshire puddings which according to the Royal Society of Chemistry can only be called Yorkshire puddings if their height is more than 4 inches tall. In parts of Northern England the Yorkshire pudding is still served as a separate course before the roast main course. Some people think that Yorkshire puddings are traditionally only served with roast beef but here at the Waymarker we agree with the below survey statistics by “This Morning”Yorkshire pudding survey where poll outcome suggests the beef only option is in the minority. We are pleased to serve all Sunday roast meat choices and our vegetarian option with a Yorkshire pudding at the Waymarker.

The month of february is full of other fun “food days” culminating in shrove Tues. But the next dates for enjoyment at the Waymarker is from 6-12th when we will be celebrating Bramley Apple week. Watch us on social media for what delicious offerings we create.

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